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EPA Climate Change Adaptation Plans Released October 31, 2014

Helen Caldicott: How Did President Obama Become Champion of Nuclear Power?

Helen Caldicott Slams Environmental Groups on Climate Bill, Nuclear Concessions.

Obama State of the Union full text - Climate Change and Renewables Take Backseat to "Clean" Coal, Nuclear Energy and Offshore Oil!.

NASA Climatologist Gavin Schmidt Discusses the Surface Temperature Record.

NASA says last decade was warmest ever.

Will You Be a Victim of Killer Coal? - Physicians and public health experts claim that coal pollutants damage every major organ in the human body and contribute to four of the top five leading causes of death in the United States.

Coal's Assault on Human Health - Read and download the Physicians for Social Responsibility report.

NASA's James Hansen Tells Why He's Pleased that Copenhagen Summit Failed - Leading Climate Scientist James Hansen on Why He's Pleased the Copenhagen Summit Failed, "Cap and Fade," Climategate and More.

Next Wave Begins: Confronting The Source of Copenhagen's Failure - Activists call for climate justice outside Carbon Trading Summit, warn that carbon trading will fail to stop climate change.

Climate Justice Activists Confront Carbon Trade Summit With Demonstration, Direct Action - Protest the largest annual meeting place of corporations, banks, and lobby groups to further the agenda of a carbon trading scheme to address climate change.

Carbon Trading Nonsense - The same Wall Street banksters that got us into the financial mess are now eyeing profits to be made with climate change and global warming. Who do you think will lose this time around?

Obama Reveals the Secret Evidence of Global Warming Bush Tried to Hide - Photos from US spy satellites declassified by the Obama White House provide the first graphic images of how the polar ice sheets are retreating in the summer. The effects on the world's weather, environments and wildlife could be devastating.

Arctic Permafrost Leaking Methane at Record Levels - Methane 21 times more powerful than carbon dioxide CO2.

Methane - About 21 times more powerful at warming the atmosphere than carbon dioxide (CO2).

Cold Weather and Climate Change - Recent heavy snow storms and cold weather have prompted some commentators to suggest that a cold winter proves global warming isn't really happening. Don't let those naysayers snow you.

Pope Denounces World Leaders' Failure To Protect God's Creation - The protection of creation is not principally a response to an aesthetic need, but much more to a moral need, inasmuch as nature expresses a plan of love and truth which is prior to us and which comes from God.

Corporate Agribusiness Helps Scuttle Climate Justice - The largest nongovernmental organization there was the International Emissions Trading Association, a front group representing 170 companies and hosting 66 events.

As Climate Warms, Ice Sheets Become Unstable Stability of ice-sheet grounding lines by Richard F. Katz and M. Grae Worster.

The People vs. Cap and Trade by James Hansen.

Northeast Climate Assessment Reports - Regional and individual state assessments.


The Truths Copenhagen Ignored - The world's worst polluters � the people who are drastically altering the climate � gathered here in Copenhagen to announce they were going to carry on cooking, in defiance of all the scientific warnings.

White House Releases Landmark Climate Change Report, United States Global Change Research Program: Clmate Impacts on the United States.

Arctic Seas Turn to Acid, Putting Vital Food Chain at Risk - With the world's oceans absorbing six million tonnes of carbon a day, a leading oceanographer warns of eco disaster.

Entergy CEO Warns Of Humanity's Extinction If Climate Legislation Not Passed.

Arctic to be Ice-Free in Summer - The Arctic Ocean could be largely ice-free and open to shipping during the summer in as little as ten years.

Climate change hitting Arctic faster, harder - The new study found that change was occurring in all arctic systems, impacting on the atmosphere and oceans, sea ice and ice sheets, snow and permafrost, as well as species and populations, food webs, ecosystems and human societies.

The War to End All Wars - Day by day, before our eyes, the planet is deteriorating: ice caps are melting, weather systems shifting, and the poorest are finding themselves facing life-threatening water shortages. Our wildlife is suffering, species are being lost before our children even have a chance to witness them in all their beauty.

Food Crisis Rippling Out Like a "Tsunami" - A rolling tsunami of social unrest is underway as we speak - hungry people are desperate people capable of taking desperate actions. This tsunami is rapidly enveloping the global South, and it won't take much longer before it knocks at the door of the global North

EPA Raises Heat on Emissions Debate - EPA to use the Clean Air Act to control emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases believed to contribute to climate change.

Zones of Death Are Spreading in Oceans Due to Global Warming - Researchers found that the warming of sea water through climate change is reducing its ability to carry dissolved oxygen, potentially turning swathes of the world's oceans into marine graveyards.

EPA Proposes First National Reporting on Greenhouse Gas Emissions - Environmental Protection Agency proposes the first comprehensive national system for reporting emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Exxon Facing Shareholder Revolt Over Approach to Climate Change - Exxon is facing a rebellion from its investors over its hardline approach to global warming. The firm has refused to follow rival oil companies in committing large-scale capital investment to environmentally friendly technology such as wind and solar power.

Earth Impacts Linked to Human-Caused Climate Change - "This is the first study to link global temperature data sets, climate model results, and observed changes in a broad range of physical and biological systems to show the link between humans, climate, and impacts," said Rosenzweig, lead author of the study.

Hansen: Climate Target Is Not Radical Enough - In a startling reappraisal of the threat, James Hansen, head of the Nasa Goddard Institute for Space Studies in New York, calls for a sharp reduction in C02 limits.

Pentagon Reports - An Abrupt Climate Change Scenario and Its Implications for United States National Security.

Energy Bill Aids the Expansion Plans of Atomic Power Plants.

NASA Study Predicts More Severe Storms With Global Warming.

Brazil Alarmed, Reconsiders Policy on Climate Change.

The Earth Today Stands in Imminent Peril.

Darfur Conflict Heralds Era of Wars Triggered by Climate Change, UN Report Warns.

The Rising Tide of Climate Activism.

Wild Weather a Taste of Things to Come.



Extreme heat, humidity blanket U.S.

Early 2007 Saw Record-Breaking Extreme Weather.

Amphibian Epidemic May Be Driven by Global Warming.

China Blames Climate Change for Extreme Weather.

Hedging Against Climate Change: Powerful Farmers Negotiate Deal for Billions of Gallons of Water in Parched California.

EU Environment Chief Wants to Put a Price on Water.

Gore Calls for 90% Reduction in CO2: RE-ELECT AL GORE.

Climate Change Maps - Frequently Updated.

Even in Winter, Arctic Ice Melting.

Hurricane Halliburton: Conflict, Climate Change & Catastrophe, May 15th, 2006. Click here to review and download.

Absolutely Amazing photographic tour of the effects of global warming and climate change.

Forecast for Future: Deluge and Drought.

California Takes on Air Pollution and Greenhouse Gases.

Putting a happy face on global catastrophe: Bush administration says global warming will increase crop yields in U.S.

Now Bush administration says climate is changing, but offer little in the way of curbing business-as-usual emissions.

Physicians Call on Bush to Take Urgent Climate Action - Administration Must Work to Craft New Energy Policy, PSR Says.

Scientists Appeal: Greenhouse Gas Emissions Must Be Slashed Quickly.

Critics of Kyoto talks say air now a commodity.

EPA Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse gas emissions and sinks.

Very Sad News: Leakey Warns of Mass Extinctions (double what he predicted in 1997). The living world is unraveling and we lack the power and will to do anything about it.

Whitman, Jeffords Clash Over Global Warming.

Global warming is happening at nearly twice the rate predicted just six years ago.

Some Experts Fear a Sharp Climate Shift - "unpredictable consequences with cascading effects."

The Bonn Statement on Climate Change - Saving the Kyoto Protocol Means Ending the Market Mania.

Planting Northern Forests Would Increase Global Warming. See also: Carbon sinks won't solve global warming, Carbon sunk, and a realistic altenative, A Modest Proposal to Stop Global Warming By Ross Gelbspan.

The Petition Project claims to have signed up 19,200 scientists who believe that, "... This treaty [Kyoto] is, in our opinion, based upon flawed ideas. Research data on climate change do not show that human use of hydrocarbons is harmful. To the contrary, there is good evidence that increased atmospheric carbon dioxide is environmentally helpful..." Also, visit the related website, Global Warming News & Views.

G-77 ready for real negotiations on Kyoto Protocol in Bonn; U.S. unilateralism criticized.

Australia, Japan Back Away from Kyoto Climate Protocol.

Carbon sinks won't solve global warming -- Only solution is to cut CO2 emissions (Royal Society).

California: Global warming to affect water supply - More rainfall means smaller Sierra snowpack.

The Differential Effects - Warmer World Will Starve Many, Report Says.

ExxonMobil Emerges as Major Funder of "Greenhouse Skeptics."

Bush's gambit on climate By Ross Gelbspan.

U.S. Pulls Out of Kyoto Protocol.


Satellite-generated rain maps show air pollution hinders rainfall.

Hotter Earth is confirmed by computer.

U.S. Turns Down Meeting on Climate Change.

Sahara Jumps Mediterranean into Europe.

UN Sees Faster Global Warming, Humanity Responsible.

Christine Todd Whitman confuses global warming with ozone depletion.

Fred Krupp of Environmental Defense on Cop 6.


IISD Summary of the 6th Conference of the Parties to the Framewsork Convention on Climate Change: 13-25 November 2000.

Global Warming Profiteers: Former Skeptics See a Chance to Bolster Profits.

How The Future of the Planet Grew Dark Europe wants drastic cuts in carbon emissions. America wants to carry on guzzling.

Activists, Delegates Say Washington Is Seeking Loopholes In Efforts To Cut Global Gas Emissions.

UN Climate Talks Fail Activists: 'You've Sunk The World'.

US Berated For Wriggling Out Of Treaty Pledges: EU fury grows as Americans try to exploit loopholes.

US Blocks Attempts To Cut Global Warming.

US Plays Dirty As Planet Chokes Squabbles as America fights to avoid reducing emissions.

Climate Talks Stall Over US Proposal for Carbon 'Sinks', Pollution 'Credits'.

US Plan For 'Emission Credits' Blasted At UN Climate Treaty Talks.

The Great Climate Sell-Off.

Third World Blasts Rich Countries at UN Climate Talks. A little background on ED and "credits" - "Chilling and Gassing with the Environmental Defense Fund" by Bob Burton.

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