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Ten Billion Acres - Since 1492 Human Civilization has cleared nearly 10 Billion Acres of Trees - part of the matrix of life on earth that supplies the oxygen we need to breathe. We've cut down many more, but many have re-grown. That means we have about 54% less trees and plants on Earth today. The clearing was done mainly by civilization's expansion and fires. Logging and Wood Industries are generally respectful of the forests and replant forest areas they perform logging activities in so that new growth will eventually become wood products (with some noteworthy exceptions). Civilization has also cleared plant life in corresponding amounts.

Cool California - Welcome to CoolCalifornia.org. Virtually everything we do results in the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, mostly in the form of carbon dioxide. Cool California is a collaboration of state government, academia, and NGOs working together to develop an innovative carbon calculator that helps California households, individuals and communities evaluate their climate-related performance, while assisting users in making more informed decisions so they can reduce their carbon footprints effectively.

Climateprediction.net is the largest experiment to try and produce a forecast of the climate in the 21st century. To do this, we need people around the world to give us time on their computers - time when they have their computers switched on, but are not using them to their full capacity.

Reimagination.com - Living in the 21st century is becoming increasingly difficult. Recent headlines include layoffs, deficit spending, cuts in social programs, retirements evaporating, looming changes in the climate, unending war, species extinction, pollution, water shortages. Housing is unaffordable for many and foreclosures are increasing, jobs that pay a living wage are becoming scarce, decent blue collar jobs have been exported. Increasing numbers of us go without healthcare. Mainstream foods and goods are frequently unsafe, strip malls and big box stores devastate our main streets, our government is unresponsive to our needs and the needs of the earth ... The list goes on and on.

BBC Climate Challenge Online Game - The BBC has produced a Flash-based "Climate Challenge" that puts you at the helm of Europe as "President." Your goal is to curb carbon emissions and pull in the reigns on global warming without running the economy in to the ground or upsetting constituents to the point that you're booted from office, and it does a pretty fair job of highlighting the complexities of maintaining the balance without being impossibly difficult.


Global Climate Change - research explorer.

A Modest Proposal to Stop Global Warming By Ross Gelbspan.

National Academy of Sciences affirms IPCC Findings. Panel Tells Bush Global Warming Is Getting Worse. Click here for a summary of the NAS report or you can view the entire report online or download it in PDF format. Click here for the NRC website, "A Closer Look at Global Warming."

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