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Google Earth Mashups

Climate Shift Updates

Climate Shift Google Earth Maps Mashups

Sea Level Rise Mashup - vary the amount of sea level rise and zoom-in to see flooded areas and new coastlines.

Climate information by region - temperature, precipitation, sunshine

U.S. Tornado paths

Stop a new generation of nuclear weapons

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New Orleans Contraflow Map Mashup - Contraflow starts 30 hours before the onset of tropical winds

World weather map

HealthMap - Global disease alert map

Malaria Atlas Project - In this file, you can view information put together by the Malaria Atlas Project, a research project at Oxford University. Information dating back to the 1980's can be viewed, allowing a better geographical understanding of the places where Malaria is found.

Avian Influenza - Watch the spread from Asia to Europe and check out for example when the virus follows the border between Russia and Kazakhstan. Both human and animal cases can be viewed with each placemark in the animation, which provides information about the case.

Southern California Fires - view the extent of the fires that occurred in Southern California. Information from the 2003 season and the recent devestating fires is available to show just how much land was affected.

Atlantic Basin Storms - View a history of Atlantic Basin Storms from 1850 to 2005. To view, check each "network link" icon to view information from that period and select the folder for the storm you want to learn more about. This file shows the path each storm took with placemarks containing data about the storm, such as wind speed. This use could be of relevance for town planning, meteorological studies and history lessons.

Severe Weather Warning Decision Support System - Created by a team at the University of Oklahoma consisting of engineers and scientists from the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) and the Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS), the Warning Decision Support System KML consists of a variety of meteorological displays to analyze weather systems, enabling better prediction of where and when severe weather may occur causing problems. This file contains an updated network link file showing storm reports, and you can visit the link at the top to view more of their products.

Daily MODIS Satellite Images - Put together by NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in California, this KML shows daily MODIS satellite imagery captured the previous day. This near real-time information could be used for disaster preparedness or weather predictions for your holiday. This updated composite of 250m MODIS images is also overlaid on the current month Blue Marble Next Generation imagery.

Hurricane Katrina - In August 2005, Hurricane Katrina struck in the gulf of Mexico killing nearly 2,000 people and causing billions of dollars worth of damage. This animation uses satellite overlays to show the path this devastating hurricane took. Use the time slider along the top to visualize this deadly storm.

UNEP - Atlas of our changing environment on Google Maps

UNEP - Atlas of our changing environment on Google Earth

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