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The British Channel 4 film, The Great Global Warming Swindle has caused quite a bit of controversy. If you haven't seen it yet, view it here, and when you're done, come back here and read all about it.

The real global warming swindle - A Channel 4 documentary claimed that climate change was a lie. But an analysis of the evidence it used shows the film was riddled with distortions and errors.

'Global Warming Is Lies' Claims Documentary - "I think it will go down in history as the first chapter in a new era of the relationship between scientists and society. Legitimate scientists - people with qualifications - are the bad guys.

Carl Wunsch response to Global Warming Swindle - "There is nothing in the communication we had (much of it on the telephone or with the film crew on the day they were in Boston) that suggested they were making a film that was one-sided, anti-educational, and misleading. I took them at face value---clearly a great error."

Climate Change: An inconvenient truth for Channel 4 - This expert in oceanography (Wunsch) quoted in last week's debunking of the Gore green theory says he was 'seriously misrepresented'

CO2 lag and ice cores explanation - Does this prove that CO2 doesn't cause global warming? The answer is no. The reason has to do with the fact that the warmings take about 5000 years to be complete. The lag is only 800 years. All that the lag shows is that CO2 did not cause the first 800 years of warming, out of the 5000 year trend. The other 4200 years of warming could in fact have been caused by CO2, as far as we can tell from this ice core data.

The Film is the Swindle - "Where do I begin ? After watching "THE GREAT GLOBAL WARMING SWINDLE" on Channel 4 this evening with growing disbelief, and much shaking of the head, I came to the conclusion that the film itself is the swindle :-"

Facts and fictions about climate change from The Royal Society - This document examines twelve misleading arguments put forward by the opponents of urgent action on climate change and highlights the scientific evidence that exposes their flaws.

Background: The Revolution Has Been Televised - Channel 4 Deceit - There has never been a series on British television like Channel 4�s Against Nature, which ended with a debate on Tuesday night. The environmentalists it interviewed were lied to about the contents of the programmes. They were given no chance to respond to the accusations the series made. They were misrepresentated to the extent of falsification. One couldn�t help suspecting that Against Nature was driven not by healthy scepticism but by shrill ideology.

<-- Climate Shift

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