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Abrupt Climate Change: Public Comments on the Public Review Draft for Synthesis and Assessment Product 3.4

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Source: U.S. Climate Change Science Program

Read Executive Summary

From the executive summary:

For this Synthesis and Assessment Report, abrupt climate change is defined as:

A large-scale change in the climate system that takes place over a few decades or less, persists (or is anticipated to persist) for at least a few decades, and causes substantial disruptions in human and natural systems.

Comments on the draft report will be accepted through June 16, 2008. See also the Federal Register notice published on 30 April 2008. Download Full Report in PDF format (9MB)


Instructions for Submission of Public Comments:

Note to Reviewers: Please refer to the PDF version of report when submitting comments. As per instructions, comments must refer to line numbers listed in PDF file(s).

Please follow these instructions for preparing and submitting your comments. A sample format sheet is provided below. Send your comments as an e-mail attachment to: [email protected] by June 16, 2008. Please email your comments to the specified address. Do not submit comments directly to lead authors.

In making comments:

  • Provide complete contact information. The Climate Change Science Program Office (CCSPO) may need to contact you seeking clarification.
  • Provide specific language for deletions, additions, and/or amendments.
  • Do not use auto-formatting or embed comments in tables.
  • Provide focused comments directly linked to specific page and line numbers. Present comments in page and line number sequence, as per the sample format below. Insert your name and affiliation after each comment.
  • Do not number your comments and do not use terminology such as "ditto" or "see above", as comments received will be compiled by page and line number.

To be considered, your comments should be emailed to [email protected] by June 16, 2008, referencing "Comments on SAP 3.4 draft" and your surname in the subject line (e.g., Comments on SAP 3.4 draft: Smith). Re-label your comments file attachment with your surname to help with the collation process (e.g., )

Full instructions here.

Executive Summary

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