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International Nuclear Safety Center Interactive Web Maps

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Source: International Nuclear Safety Center

Interactive maps provided by the International Nuclear Safety Center. Beginning with the world map you can drill down to continents and countries. Clicking on a nuclear facility at any level provides access to specific database information. You can also view all of the interactive maps one a single page and begin your investigation there.

From the INSC website:


The International Nuclear Safety Center (INSC), which operates under the guidance of the Director of International Nuclear Safety and Cooperation (NN-30) in the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), has the mission of improving nuclear power reactor safety worldwide. The INSC is dedicated to the goals of developing enhanced nuclear safety technology and promoting the open exchange of nuclear safety information among nations. The INSC sponsors scientific research activities as collaborations between the U.S. and its international partners, who have also established safety centers in their countries. INSC activities are currently focused on Soviet-designed nuclear power plants in Russia and Eastern Europe.

The INSC Database

The INSC Database provides an interactively-accessible information resource and communications medium for researchers and scientists engaged in projects sponsored by the INSC. Major portions of the INSC Database are devoted to nuclear plant-specific information, material properties for safety and risk analyses, INSC project documentation, and project-specific reactor safety bibliographies. Much of the INSC Database is open to the public. Project information that is preliminary or proprietary to INSC research partners is reserved from publication, but made available to INSC project participants with access controlled by user identity and access level authorization. Preliminary information may eventually become available following the normal scientific review process. INSC Database Implementation

The INSC Database has been implemented by the Nuclear Engineering Division at Argonne National Laboratory. Information cataloging and database maintenance is performed with automated database management systems. The database and its content are verified and maintained in compliance with applicable quality assurance standards and practices. No warranties or guarantees are made regarding the content of this database, and no liabilites are assumed. Regarding the use of this web site, please read the DOE security notice.

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